1983 Chevrolet S-10

1983 Chevrolet S-10
What’s black and white and red all over? A POS mistake is what.

Ordered from the factory this way, with a special order cap.  If only online configurators existed to forewarn of such mistakes.  What else is there to say, really? (Besides “please god make it stop”)

1993 Geo Prizm

1993 Geo Prizm
Kalamazoo, March 1993

Jan 1993-December 2000

Ordinarily, this would land in the hall of boring cars, but it took 90,000 miles of abuse, survived 2 3 crashes, never needed a brake job and got 30 mpg.

Plus, it totally kicked the ass out of a V-8 Grand Cherokee in the mountains.

(Grandpa’s Ford Country Squire is in the back.)

The Best of Times

1973 Plymouth Fury
the ultimate road warrior

Despite $1.30 to 1.40 for a gallon of gas and astronomical insurance rates… Some of these cars are used solely for transportation to work or school.  Other common uses are for mobile parties and for activities prohibited by a recent Supreme Court decision.  One individual’s “beast,” as he called it, looked like a combination para-military mobile command post (replete with numerous clubs, a Fuzzbuster, and a notorious spotlight), and a mobile party store.  Such blatantly obscene law-ignoring vehicles were, fortunately, very, very rare…

–Some idiot, a million years ago in an irrelevant puff piece

1979 Mercury Marquis
where have I seen this one before?