1972 Cadillac Coupe De Ville

1972 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Feel the luxury flowing through you

Coupe de Ville, from the French word for bloated tank of lard.  This is the pinnacle of American luxury in the day.  Why?


  • 472 cubic inch V-8 – bigger than your puny Impala’s 350
  • 22 ft long – again, bigger than your puny impala.
  • Power windows, locks, a/c, long before they were common on kias
  • Leather, from actual creatures
  • An arm rest in the back seat.  That is the real kicker.  It’s how my grandparents knew they were in a real luxury car.  Not the other shit – the rear arm rest.

Uncle Bob had a shit brown one, which blended in nicely in dingy, drab Detroit.

People who deserve photo radar tickets

This chica in the Explorer.  Why:

  • You're not THAT important, butterfly ladyon the phone
  • trying to speed around the cars that slowed for the fixed photo radar.
  • tailgating up the ass of the car she couldn’t pass

If only she were out when traffic was less.

How to tell you are pussywhipped

four clues right here

  1. you drive a minivan.  Extra pw points because it’s a sensible budget KIA
  2. “SLOW DOWN baby on board” sticker.
  3. “I <4 my wife” sticker
  4. Grocery store parking lot

This is the automotive equivalent of a lion fish suit.  Everything about it says “stay away chicas.  I am not on the market.”  Not being on the market and loving your wife is all well and good.  Advertising it to the world to appease your wife in the hope of getting a piece of something ?  You are so whipped, dude.  Just cut it off already, because she probably hates you for agreeing to the display of your emasculated-ness.

At least you’re not a Mustang driving douchebag.  Oh wait.  Nevermind.

Isn’t It Ironic…

Picture 580

Coming Soon (behind this fence):  Walgreen’s

Across the street right this very minute:  Walgreen’s.

Walgreens – where “one on ‘every corner'” is not just a metaphor, it’s our exact business plan.

Cop or Not?

John Fucking Law

  • Conventional plate
  • crazy antennas on the roof
  • another one on the trunk
  • cop-like red blue yellow lights on the parcel shelf.

Which is worse?

Yeah, I can do red with MyColor


For:  Sirius – Lithium 24, NCAA football, NFL, matches one of my dash light colors, wires hide in dash seams

Against: Sirius; velcro; shitty FM transmitter, AUX cable costs $100, wires

Yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé
Worst Rolls Ever


For:  It’s a Roller

Against:  Everything except that fact.