Cop or not?

Hmmmm. This is a tough one Photo (c) 8 Barrel International House of Photography. All Rights Reserved

So let’s see:

  • Black paint
  • weird fender lights
  • weird license plate
  • what, what, WHAT?  Since when do cops get to move their steering wheels?

I am gonna say no on cop, although i could easily be convinced it’s the Darth F. Vader-mobile

Where are they now?

Lost in Space edition.

Remember this guy?

Danger danger!
Danger danger!

He’s alive and well and found work in Phoenix

This does not compute
This does not compute

Why yes, they’re real

Joseph Lucas is laughing in his grave.

OG Fred scores the first Tesla roadster of summer. The irony of a Lotus wholly reliant on its electrical systems – some jokes just write themselves.