Diamonds Are Forever

1968 Ford Thunderbird
Well, one of us smells like a tart’s handkerchief.  I’m afraid it’s me.  Sorry, old boy.

Mr. Wint: If at first you don’t succeed Mr. Kidd…?
Mr. Kidd: Try, try again, Mr. Wint.

(Actually, this is a ’68.  This generation came with 2 doors or 4.  The Bond villain car was a 1971.)

Arizona to Gonzo: Bend Over and Take It Like a Man

I am innocent, no matter what that cop on a motorcycle just past the crest of a hill says.

Speed Trap, bike path. We don’t fucking care. We’ll still get you, Gonzo

Any particular reason you are driving 56 in a 55, boy?”

I suppose it could have been worse. I could be paying “Arizona’s Law Firm” to (not) save my ass.