My future trunk space

Once you people start paying me for my copyrighted artwork (or visiting the things over there ->)  Imagine how fabulous my art could be if only it were in focus!

The plan however (as thorough as it is) involves some serious kit. Between us we will carry 10 cameras and a vast array of glass from 800 and 600mm lenses down to a 15mm fish eye and an even wider lens on a Go-Pro action camera. Conservatively this is 50kg (110 pounds) of kit each.

via Reuters Team Photo Gear for Shooting the Royal Wedding.

110 lbs?  That’s me carrying my girlfriend around in a satchel.

Why yes, they’re real

fairings and saddlebags?

For all the black label society/sober rider/yuppie fuckstains in designer leather poseurs we have, the real thing-HAMC, such as it is- still rides in AZ.  You’ve been warned.

Yeah, I drove it

Not as topless as I would like
Not as topless as it needed to be to give anyone any actual headroom or visibility