Allendale Revisited

What could have been. In 1988, I needed a car. My uncle had plenty of cars – a 71 or 72 Olds 98. a Chrysler Newport, and a 72 LeMans were all sitting in the back yard, waiting to be used/rescued.
1972 Oldsmobile 98
The 98 was appealing. A giant coupe, dark blue with a 455. Mmmm, tasty, right?

Just one problem: it no longer ran. So, that was out.  The Newport was a possibility.  Big Chrysler=win.  383?  Imagine that with a 2×4 (= 8 barrel) manifold.  king sized bench seats.  Woo-hoo…

Chrysler Newport

Except that the oil pump had had a coronary. The test drive probably doomed the engine as it was, but regardless, this car was not making the 60-mile trip back home, let alone to work the next day. Or probably to anywhere, ever again.

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