Those who forget history…

1980-83 Honda Civic
“Beware of dog”: I suspect they’re not referring to the car.

are doomed to repeat it.
Exhibit 1: the 1980-83 Honda Civic.
Yawn. This car had exactly one claim to fame…

It could out sprint a 1980 Mustang 255 V8 to 60. (The only worse Ford engine at the time was the stillborn 1.3 for the overweight Escort.  Wow.  You rule, Ford.)

For 1984, though, Honda eschewed “derivative” for “Spaceship.” No, not THAT Spaceship.  These:
1984 Honda Civic
1985 Honda Civic Wagon

Since then, Honda lost its way. Killed the Si models for one. 1991-05 sucked ass.
Then, like 1984, came the ’06s.  Cool.  Underpowered. but cool.  Since then, they have tried a couple of redos and refreshes.  They all suck.  It’s like 1980.  And 1991.
There’s no wonder everyone hates you, or worse, ignores you, Honda.   You suck.  You are the Chevy Malibu. You are Austin Powers without his mojo.  You are a more boring Corolla than Corolla.  R.I.P. or recapture the WTF craziness you once had.  Your choice.

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