I hate to break it to you, sir

But your Zimmer is one foxy lady. She is NOT based on a Lincoln Town Car, no matter how much you insist.  This is a mid 1980s Zimmer Golden Spirit. Look at the passenger Compartment, especially the doors and windshield.

Zimmer Golden Spirit

That is not from a Town Car.  It is not even from a 1982 Continental.  It is straight off a Fox body. My best guess would be a Mustang.

I do not think an 1980-82 Tbird/Cougar/Granada  because the dash was wrong.  The gauges were right for Mustang and the HVAC and vents were straight out of most Foxes of the time. The owner insists this is a Zimmer Dash.  He’s half right, because it’s been extended, and covered in (p)leather and (fake?) wood appliques.  Underneath?  Pure Mustang. (Except the steering wheel, which then led to the awkward cruise control on a stalk.)

Zimmer Golden Spirit

To be fair, new ones ARE based on Town Cars and pre-2005 Mustangs.
Zimmer Kermit (Mustang)
Zimmer sedan (Town Car)

Chase Field, 401 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA

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