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This is one of my favorite cars, the Lincoln Continental Mark VI.
Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Yes, I was a Ford fan boy, predisposed to trying to love everything they made. But there was more than that here.

  • I loved the whizbang technology of the “electronic” dash.
  • At the time, I thought the proportions were better than the “look how long my dick hood is” proportions of the Mark V.
  • 20 mpg on the highway?  In a Lincoln? AYFKM?
  • Yes, the styling was derivative.  The deuce was still running the show, so of course it was.

Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Everything was fake.  Gloriously, unapologetically fake:

  • Fake lights on the headlight covers (rare – I have never seen them in person, but cool in a dorky sort of way).
  • Fake hardtop.  Somewhere around M.Y. 1974, Lincoln stopped making the rear windows in the Marks functional.  Yes, there was still a switch, but it controlled the reading light.  Since the Mark was for single guys on the hunt for p****, the back seat was irrelevant, and therefore the functionality of the windows was meaningless.  The switch was just to fool casual observers.  The V never had operational rear windows.  Once again the style was preserved, with not even a pretense of function.  Enter the VI.  Of course, the rear windows were fixed. VI went one better and created the pretend hard top look.
  • Carriage roofs.  On the V, I was outraged by fake convertible tops for $2-3 grand (especially with sunroofs).  On the VI, they just kinda worked.
  • Wire wheels – usually they just hammered on a wheel cover.  Some, like the ones pictured, are really good fakes. (They might even be real – supposedly they did both).
  • And of course that vestigial tire hump.  The car magazines pissed and moaned about it but it had to be done to complete the illusion of continuity.  In other words, the entire car is a basically fake V.

Anyhoo, enjoy the glamour shots.  I’m sad to see this car in purgatory – it looks to be in good shape and saveable. By someone not named me.
Lincoln Continental Mark VI

Lincoln Continental Mark VI

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