Some Things Cannot Be Rushed

At least not much.  The Struggle enters Day 4.

We wait, patiently, for that phone call, that email, that brown envelope that says “Yes! Tell stories of wonder and mirth and decadence and privilege and sheet metal and Castrol 20W50 synthetic with a Royal Purple chaser to your millions of readers and fans throughout the galaxy. It can’t all be about ruin porn and rust buckets and Mustangs.”

We would tell you which what is the subject of this future, but we will drop no name before its time.

Fingers are crossed, runes, totems and charms are deployed.  Sayers are soothed, that they my soothsay favorably.

Batteries are charged.  Double redundant systems are redundantly doubled.  Nothing left but the waiting and then the doing. We’re tan, ready and rested. Just need to lock down that one last detail.

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