5 in 1 shot

1985 Astom Martin V8 Volante
We did the Scottsdale auction tour yesterday:

  • Russo and Steele for a press breakfast and a walkthrough.
  • Barrett-Jackson for lunch breakfast leftovers and some auction action.
  • Gooding, for OMG GRAIL CARZZZ part 1.
  • RM on a lark.  Credential sign up on site and OMG GRAIL CARZZZ part 2.
  • Bonhams, because it was on the way back to B-J.
  • Barrett-Jackson for lunch and some more auction action.

Drew Alcazar of R&S spoke about the segmentation of the auctions, and how each is a better fit for certain sellers, certain buyers, and certain cars.  (I would say that is true for certain media as well.) Lists?  Lists.


  1. Barrett-Jackson
  2. R&S
  3. RM
  4. Gooding
  5. Bonhams

Grail Cars:

  1. RM – F40/F50
  2. Gooding – 288GTO, BMW M1, Aston Martin V8s, 512BB (but Windgate broke that cherry 2 years ago)
  3. Barrett – modded F40(would be higher exc. RM)
  4. R&S – lots of survivors, nothing stansds out.
  5. Bonhams – a Maserati Bora was as close as it came

Non Grail coolness (as % of selection)

  1. Gooding-(3 barn finds)
  2. RM – Aston DBs, Porsche 906, 959, Rolls, Bugatti
  3. R&S – crazy Mopars, Mark V, Opel GT, Lincoln Premiere
  4. B-J – Chrysler 300, Fury wagon, Toronados (gen 2 (didn’t see) and 3).  But just too frigging big.  How many Orange Boss 302s are there?
  5. Bonhams – Maserati Bora and a Ferrari 599XX

Media treatment

  1. B-J – private room in a horse barn.  Always food. Coldly efficient process. Facetime possible.  Silly rules about photos.  Media are cattle like everyone else at the gates.
  2. R/S – press breakfast with owner face time. No hassles.
  3. RM – Meghan was a joy to work with.  No hassles.
  4. Bonhams – just sign in and do whatever – we don’t care. No hassles.
  5. Gooding – Janelle was superhelpful, but too many rules about photo taking.  Not these types of pics without permission/get out of the way of the moneyed/no on the record contact without prior clearance.

Ed.: after tonight, RM moves to #2 – no dedicated press area, but free champagne and sliders and appetizers, as long as the people out front can’t see they’re giving to to a media badger – so maybe it’s the Biltmore that gets the credit…

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