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  1. Thanks for the comment, Jonee.

    A couple of thoughts. Our respective experiences are not mutually exclusive. My experience is with a canvas top 1st US generation model from before the 1980 AMC arrangement. Coincidentally, the dealership sold AMC, Renault and Fiat (I think).

    Aftermarket parts were nonexistent, and the dealer was disinterested in keeping parts in stock or learning how to fix the cars. Part of that was being two hours from Detroit. Imported cars were the red-headed stepchild in those days.

    It also means roads covered with salt in the winter. The car I posted 3 years ago was in NW Phoenix. While it hadn’t run in a while, the body looked sold. You would never find one like it in Michigan now.

    OTOH, your IP pings in Glendale CA. The car culture is as completely different there as the weather. If your car spent it’s life there and had attentive maintenance, I can understand how it survived.

    And, to be clear, styling wise I thought the round light LeCars were at least way better looking than the domestically produced competition. I also have a thing for their cousins.
    Renault R5 Turbo 2

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