As always, thanks for another visit. I’m sorry you think I am picking on this car. I used the opportunity of seeing this car at a show to pick on Chrysler a little. In the late 1970s and most of 1980s, their cars (including Omnis) generally invited it. I’m sorry that wasn’t more clear.
Notwithstanding the facts or my opinions about (or personal experiences with) Omnis generally, I respect this red car. In its era, it was formidable competition for GTIs and other class leaders, as well as some pony cars. This particular car was either babied its whole life or restored. Maybe both. That’s terrific. I don’t think the A-pillar gauges or toggle switches are OEM but that’s OK, because it means this is not some trailer queen museum piece that only gets out for the Concours or to be auctioned to the next investor. It’s driven by someone who obviously pays attention to the car as a machine. That’s the best part.