Why have you forsaken me?

Yesterday, I rented a Dodge Avenger because the Flex was offline.  I get a rental car on overnight repairs, courtesy of Ford ESP.  The dealer said, “you can get one from us, or from Enterprise.”  I was like, “you, You! YOU!  I’ll take a Mustang GT convertible, thanks very much.”
So, the dealer shuttlecraft  dropped me off at Enterprise, rather than deal with my inevitable disappointment. No worries. 
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Charmed Life

Maserati Bora

This is the Maserati Bora. We saw our first one in the flesh at the Bonhams auction in January, thirty-five years after first hearing of it.This is our second.

We found it lurking on the outskirts of Cars and Coffee.  The next day, it was a participant in the Copperstate 1000.

It’s not a grail car, just one of those 1970s Road & Track hope we see one in person someday cars.  And it’s better than a Merak, which is nice.
Maserati Bora

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This never happened to the other fellow

Jensen Interceptor III

I noticed this car IMMEDIATELY when it rolled up to the April 5 Cars and coffee. At a distance, I thought Aston Martin, and one i’d only read about in magazines. This one:

Aston Martin DBS

The Aston Martin DBS.  You may remember that car from such movies as On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. That car and the Cougar were the best parts.  At a glance, one can see the resemblance.  I still did not know until i was right up on it and could read the badges.

This is not that car. This is a Jensen interceptor III. If it were the coupe version, the iconic greenhouse would have given the identity away from afar.

Regardless of its lower caste in the auto world, it was a first time sighting.

which is nice – Carl Spackler

Jensen Interceptor III

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They All Float Down Here

This is the Buick Riviera version 3.  Maybe I should call it Stage 3, because it’s like a cancer. It followed the familiar path of Thunderbird and Cougar.  Start with a sporty/GT car of various levels of effort.  Get slinkier, but also larger. Coalesce with other models (if you didn’t start as a knockoff to begin with).  Then give up any pretense of sporty, in favor of “luxury.” Have a renaissance, then veer off on increasingly inexplicable courses with no real connection to the original concept, then die quietly, as the accountants piss on you and what could have been if you stayed true.

Buick Riviera
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Party On, Wayne

Party on, Garth.

This is the 1978-80 Pacer.  I do have a sick attraction to them.  The proportions just seem spacy and right.  It doesn’t hurt that it looks like a grown up Porsche 928, especially the ’75-77 Pacers with the thin horizontal grille that could be just bumper gap.  I do like the later, stupid and out-of-place grill – for some reason, that colossally bad idea on paper actually worked.  For me.  It defies any explanation.  It didn’t work for anyone else – sales of the entire three years with the extra nose were less than any one year of the original front end.
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