2 Replies to “1955 Ferrari 166 Berlinetta”

    1. I am learning to appreciate these old dinghies more and more. There is an organic elegance that the CAD-optimized robot cars lack.

      In theory, you can get anything from a California to an F12berlinetta for .$200-320K. This is of course, MSRP BEFORE options like a $9K Carbon Fiber Engine Manifold. And before dealer markup. And before a Lincoln MKZ worth of sales tax.

      And, it indulges the fantasy that a dealer will sell a commoner like me one at any price. Unless one wanted to buy an FF – those might be BOGO at this point.

      Your 7 figure F-car would be a one off or a halo car like the Enzo (still) or the new LaFerrari. Yes, 7 figure price tag, but no mere mortal is gonna get near a Ferrari LaFerrari. (And not just because they might laugh at the name.)

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