2015 Ferrari California T: Junk = Trunk

Ferrari California
As a heterosexual man, I love a nice plump ass.  As a car guy, i like Ferrari.  As someone who came of age during the “malaise era” of cars, I despise fake ornamentation – tape stripes, fake scoops, pointless, drag-creating spoilers.

So what the fuck, Ferrari?

Dat Ass?  Unnecessarily HUGE.

The trunklid? Too huge, hiding overly complicated mechanicals.

The real bitch?  The fake ass taillights.  Do you think they’re brake lights? EEEEERRRRR  They’re not.  Those are in the bumper, next to the side marker/reflectors. (There are separate rear reflectors in the fake diffuser.)

Ferrari Geniuses: But what if someone needs to see the brake lights while the roof is in motion and the decklid raised.

The rest of the world:  You have 3D taillights that could be visible from space.  Use them, why doncha’?

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