ACID FLASHBACK THURSDAY: 1975 Dodge Ramcharger

Lighten up, Dad.

Where I saw one: High school parking lot

Nostalgia factor: 6/10 – Ahh, memories – mostly not mine.

Baseline: 2, since I never personally owned one; +1 because Dad had one; +1 because it had 4 wheel drive; +1 because it had a V8; -1 because it didn’t have a 440; -12 (includes -2 for no column shifter) because it had a manual – this meant a tractor transmission, and a 3 foot gear shifter; -7 because as far as I could tell, it shifted like a tractor too – as smooth and serene as Ned Beatty in the woods;  -1 because I never drove it; -5 because Dad refused to take the roof off; -1 because “It might leak when you put it back on” is lame; -1 because “where would we store the roof?”; -10 because “duh, you just built that huge garage you never park in.”

+ 1 for Dad’s having all its bumpers and paint; -5 because it never had cool wide off-road tires or spokey wheels; +1 because extra mpg from nerd tires; +2 because there are two winter scenario where thin tires are better – deep snow (less plowing through it/being towed needed) and on some ice where you want to maximize the psi of the truck’s weight on the tire’s contact patch; +10  because Dad was right and made it to work and back during the blizzard of 1977; +5 because he stayed there for a few days; +15 because Dad was right and failed to kill us all when we did an unintentional 180 rolling down a small hill to a stop light; +2 because, unlike the snowy adventures of others, the snowbanks on the side of the road were unscathed and so was the truck.

Car and Driver Subjective Bullshit Equalizer to Justify the Final Score: +9

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