We’re in the Wrong Line of Work. Or Something.

We love cars.  We love driving them, ogling them, shooting them, writing about other stuff but still finding a way to include them.  All of it.

We love finding the cars out on the street. Failing that, we stalk the car show circuit, hunting grail cars and wacky survivors. Option three is the auction circuit:  RM, Gooding, Russo and Steele and Barrett Jackson.

Oh, and Bonhams.  Everybody always forgets them.

Last year, media credentials allowed us to cover all of them.  But, we’re on the mailing list for B-J. (Ed.: Not her (or her). The other other B-J.)

Which leads us to today’s fabulous email opportunity!

Until now, the honor of having access to the Owner’s Box at Barrett-Jackson was exclusively reserved on an invitation-only basis for celebrities, million-dollar bidders or select VIPs. Remarkably, through this very special VIP package, you could become one of those privileged individuals. Get the chance to meet Barrett-Jackson C.E.O, Craig Jackson, 9 days of exclusive perks and more with the Owner’s Box Package.

(I’m guessing they mean I will transform, swan-like, into a “Select VIP” rather than a celebrity or million-dollar bidder. And that the “honor” is more like shooting first at the country club than a knighthood)

There are three packages: Owner’s Box, VIP Luxury Reserve and Gold VIP.  $15,000, $6,500 and $4,500. Per person. (Golf Cart rental fee not included. Don’t get cheap on them now.)

Only the top two give you indoor suite access. And “Platinum VIP” badges. Only the owners box gets you into the owners box where at least once, the owner will hold court while you’re there. Plus, you get an autographed framed picture of you meeting the man.

Yay capitalism.  B-J has as much right to sling VIP passes to willing buyers as I have to say hi to Craig for free when he rolls up to a Hookers and Squirrels Cars and Coffee in that gorgeous Auburn. I am just a little staggered by the $8,500 upcharge from VIP Luxury Reserve (!) which loses the “Celebrity Hosting Area/Special Appearances in Skybox” and adds the private hospitality suite, a picture, a handshake and a leather jacket.

Here in the land of $3 lunches and $59 hotel rooms, the head swims.  Also, I obviously need to sell WAY MORE advertising before B-J 2016 rolls around.

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