Hookers and Squirrels: And Here. We. Go.

Our friends at Scuderia Southwest have joined the 20th Century with a brand new URL and website. What the previous one lacked in elegance and modernity, it made up for in at least telling us where the cars would be and that it was OK to whip out my big 250 mm various lenses.

Photographers are always welcome.

With the fancy new pages comes expansion of the show.  And some explicit organization. That too is welcome.  For the first few years, it seemed like some word-of-mouth parking lot meet. Some of the usual suspects behind the event got strangely territorial about who could be there and what they could do. We got a bit indignant on this side, that some blowhard with a horse on his hat could tell someone else they couldn’t park in an open lot at a strip mall.

People worried about the future, especially after the local paper ran a puff piece.

Great.  Now the secret is out.

The cops were well aware. Attracting the attention the City’s bureaucrats seemed inevitable. The folks behind it have addressed that with the new website. One no longer need mine the Ferrarichat archives to learn that they do get a Scottsdale permit for the event.  So nevermind. Mostly. (You can’t really bitch about people using open spots at a mall.)

But with permits come rules, and they have those too.

There is no club to join, no dues, no rules and no drama.  Just a good time and maybe a cup of coffee.

I guess those aren’t so bad. Spicy Italian tarts on this side, mere mortals on that. The Pavillions show, in contrast, gets pretty anal if you don’t follow the aisle’s sandwich board rules. And, they get a bit fussier about what the rice row is allowed to do (“no loud EDM”) vs. the lounge lizard C3 Corvette row (“no loud polyester leisure suits”).

So we’ll see.  Maybe the no longer invisible hand improves an already great event.  Maybe it becomes an elitist bitchslap.

We’re looking forward to the wall of shame either way. We like pointless displays of horsepower as much as we like seeing Scottsdale cops nailing entitled assholes who forget pedestrians exist.

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