1976 Pontiac Sunbird: Cindy from the BK Lounge

Speaking of things that haven’t aged well: the 1976 Pontiac Sunbird.  This is what you get when you turn a Vega into a “Monza” and then pretend to create an entirely new car for Pontiac.  What do we have?

  • a “formal” roofline instead of a hatch. Now there’s two body styles, like with a Mustang II. Woo hoo.
  • Stick some vinyl on the roof.  Now it’s like a Mustang II Ghia, and also a small Grand Prix (a car Pontiac liked and so did America).
  • Give it a faux Firebird front end.  “Sporty” is dealerspeak for “shitbox with a nosejob.”
  • A V-6. It sounds sporty on the order sheet. at least

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Ferrari 400i Spider: Conversion is Not Just for Roofs

Ferrari 400i


Thirty years: no sightings.  2014: 3, all at the Scottsdale Hookers and Squirrels Motorsports Gathering. Red white and blue.  Yay America (f*** yeah!). Bank of America was originally Bank of Italy. The Ferrari 400i comes to America and gets turned into a Mustang. I see the wacky lights and think: if only the resurrected Capri were a good car. Or at least an interesting one.

Anyhoo, I’m not usually a fan of conversions. They’re usually raspy edged and ill-fitting. The tops usually garble the lines of the donor coupes. But then you lower that rag out of sight and fire up your 8 (or in this case 12) best friends and none of that crap matters.  Only speed and wind and sound and groupies.

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Lamborghini Jalpa: Nearly A Unicorn

lamborghini Jalpa
lamborghini Jalpa
This is NOT your father’s Fiat X1/9

This is the Lamborghini Jalpa. Chrysler stopped production at around 400 units when they took over. You might recall the silhouette from the Silhouette. The earlier, 70s version of the midengine V8 targa is the true unicorn. They only made 54 and 23 or more are dead.

The Jalpa doesn’t move me like the Silhouette did. The newer name is less exotic. The revised car loses the crazy Lambo scoops of the Sil.  and the engine vents.


In their place, you get…
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