Lamborghini Jalpa: Nearly A Unicorn

lamborghini Jalpa
This is NOT your father’s Fiat X1/9

This is the Lamborghini Jalpa. Chrysler stopped production at around 400 units when they took over. You might recall the silhouette from the Silhouette. The earlier, 70s version of the midengine V8 targa is the true unicorn. They only made 54 and 23 or more are dead.

The Jalpa doesn’t move me like the Silhouette did. The newer name is less exotic. The revised car loses the crazy Lambo scoops of the Sil.  and the engine vents.


In their place, you get…

a lumpy pasted on toupee of side intakes and snorkels? Heat tubes? It disrupts the simple and artistically pure straight line from the targa hoop to the tail. Maybe it is a success as “surface excitement.” To me, it highlights the ungainly Bertone styled flanks.

lamborghini jalpa
Hokey blowholes and puny vents are no match for vents and scoops, kid

Inside? I’m scared of the build quality. Light and airy especially when contrasted with Countach.

lamborghini Jalpa
amorphous doors and relentless cubes
Jalpa shifter
On the bucket list: drive a midengine Italian with a gated shifter.
lamborghini Jalpa
A trunk? What a plus!
lamborghini Jalpa
You can feel the Athon

lamborghini Jalpa-3

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