Some Are More Equal Than Others


One short week ago, I was at a car dealer, thinking about stuff:

  • with kids turning 18 and 21, I didn’t need room for 6 passengers.
  • I am not planning to tow anything after all.
  • I could use more mpg for less money
  • I wanted something less old – metaphorically and otherwise

I went in with a plan for a deal.: price of X, payment terms of Y, trade in of Z and NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET. Check, check, discount doublecheck,  check check and check.  Oh, the advantages of being a middle-aged white guy a repeat customer and well established adult.


In department of things to which I must adapt, I no longer have automatic lights. My Fiat comes with daytime running lights. Consequently, there is no switch for parking lights. They are just always on. So, the headlight switch comes with two settings: on and not on. I don’t like leaving it in “on,” even though the car decides for itself to shut t.he lights off when I shut the car off.

Last night, i forgot the whole “turn the lights on” after picking up my kid from work. John Law was not amused. But, as a middle aged white guy and experienced driver who was sober and kept his hands on the steering wheel even after the cop de-escalated, the interaction was no big deal…

…once the cop scanned my ID and my car’s bar code (Just in case somebody left the keys in the cars at the dealership).

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