AMC Eagle SX/4: It is alive

This is the AMC Eagle SX/4.What is does “SX/4” mean? Pretty much nothing.
AMC Eagle SX/4What is remarkable about this car? Other than surviving [Ed.: or being bought in the first place], pretty much nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I love this particular car – it is in fabulous shape and looks original (except maybe the blackwalls).
AMC Eagle SX/4
But this was not a good car. The SX/4 is a 4wd AMC Spirit. The AMC Spirit was an updated AMC Gremlin. The Gremlin was a truncated Hornet. Dynamically, it was bad. Raising the center of gravity and adding weight to an underwhelming powertrain? Not the usual path to improvement.
AMC Eagle SX/4

This was to the AMC Eagle what the Spirit-based “AMX” is to a real AMX: a lesser imitation.

Still, to not incite a flame war, this particular example is glorious and shows an attention to detail and loving preservation we do not mean to belittle. We’re glad it survived. That is different than questioning its reasons for being created.

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