1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme: Peak GM

1976 Cutlass-2
It gets better.

This was the most popular car in the world America, in the 1970s. Even after they got neutered. This is the third best version. The ’77 is better because the grill is less “hey look at my heavy-handed family resemblance to a Delta 88.” Also, my sister had one, and it was sweet.  The ’73 was better because the bumpers were less onerous, the ginormous 455 made more power. And also JackDova and the Minotaur.

I really think the 76-77s are the best expression. I think the quad headlights made it more serious, and elongated and flattened the profile in all the right ways. The 73’s tighter bumpers were more artistic, but the larger taillights and two large headlights made them look stubby except in the side profile.

1976 Cutlass-4
1976 Cutlass-6
A tach would be nice in that right bucket.

1976 Cutlass-5

1976 Cutlass-3

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