Under the Bridge

I am not immune to criticism. I often deserve it. Sometimes, I even invite it. I guess with eleventeen different websites and blogs and such, public criticism is inevitible.

Somewhere, things crossed a line. On Kiss My Asphalt, I ran into a commenter calling himself slrman. Constructive and interactive and then suddenly he went personal on me because I wasn’t a cheerleader for the state where I currently reside – saying I “lack the ethics and courage to leave.” [Ed.: Nah. Just money and a landing spot.]

In February 2014 I saw a 1986 Omni GLH and wrote a story about Omnis in general. In September 2015, a commenter in Surprise Arizona found it and started criticizing me about my opinions on the car line. Then someone self-identified as Robin Whipple at the same IP address joined in.

Sometime later, I decided to bolster the content of a newer site, Asphalt Valhalla (when it redirected to Kiss My Asphalt), with content from my other sites.  The post with the GLH got noticed by an anonymous commenter with the exact same IP address in August 2016.

“Here we go again,” I thought. See for yourself here.

Evidently, there was some connection between the commenter and the GLH. Maybe the anonymous poster was Robin’s husband? Maybe this was some family project? Who knows. Anyway, I obviously touched a nerve, even though I praised the red one that seems near and dear.

So on we go, I guess. One wonders what the next retort from Surprise will be.

A New Sheriff

is in town. We redesigned and rebranded the main site. Take a look.

“Kiss My Asphalt” was too cliche and had been done 7 ways from Sunday. The joint is now called Asphalt Valhalla. “Asphalt” as a link to our past, and because that is where cars are at their best. “Valhalla” because that is the destiny for venerated warriors. Plus, I feel a kinship to the old Norse ways. Together, it is a site to celebrate the wondrous grail cars before they take their flaming boat ride. Enjoy 

Porsche 911 GT3 RS in grape and mirrors.
Porsche 911 GT3 RS in grape and mirrors.

Huginn and Muninn Approve

WIP. Were looking for some logo art a lttle less oblique than a 911 driving off into the sunset.
WIP. Were looking for some logo art a lttle less oblique than a 911 driving off into the sunset.

There has been an awakening in the force. “Kiss My Asphalt” was a cute-ish play on words. Except the Simpsons already did it. And it sounds like something Flo at Mel’s Diner would say in between cracks of her gum.

It was time for a change. Not to “Larry Thorson Media.” That is this space, and it’s sort of a meta view of the world of my media interests. Plus, bleh. I hate self-promotion. I do the bare minimum.

In contrast, I am proud of my heritage. One grandma was fresh off the boat from Scotland, her husband’s older siblings were fresh off the boat from Norway. Allegedly, I am descended from a couple of famous alums from the old country. Currently, they are staying at some sort of resort for champions.

Several minutes of checking for copycats later, I had a name that incorporated my love of cars, my efforts to find and document the grail cars (and occasional unicorns).

So give a welcome to Asphalt Valhalla. It’s here (as soon as it propagates; transitioning URLs will happen when it happens), it’s mine and most of all, it hasn’t been done that I could find. I have the Twitter, the FB (in review) and the Instagram.

Enjoy. I am open to thoughts and helpful criticism.

It wasn’t a dream after all.

They really did it. This is the Bentley Bentayga.* Despite all the negative reactions to the prototype, Bentley said “me too” to the SUV class.   But my question is “what is it best at?”

Looks? Maybe. The front does scream “I swear I am a real Bentley!!” more convincingly than a fake. The rest of it is basically best 2016 Ford Edge ever.

Design? Look at the windshield. To keep the shape, they painted black on the door. They did the same thing on the D-pillar/tailgate. We call that a compromise, don’t we?

Back seat room? Cargo space/utility? Look at this and say either is best in class. Your Tibetan Mastiff is not going to fit in the back. Or in cargo.

Yes, it is somewhat hand built. So is a Whopper. Yes, the materials you feel and see are top notch. Yes, it is somewhat rare. Yes, you’ll never see one of the poors driving it, except at the auto salon. Yes, it’s got unbelievable power and a crazy theoretical top speed for a grocery getter. And a token trailer hitch.

But what is it best at? (Besides price, obvs.)

bentley bentayga

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The Grail Cars

This is what I am looking for:

These are the survivors I am hoping to find in the flesh:


Also the other cars from my history. With those, it helps a lot if the colors are right.