It Never Rains in Southern California

Family Cafe

Will you tell the folks back home I nearly made it?
Had offers but don’t know which one to take
Please, don’t tell ’em how you found me
Don’t tell ’em how you found me
Gimme a break, gimme a break

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On the way back from L.A. We needed a pit stop.  We pulled off at the Eagle Mountain exit.  This is California: there are in n Out burgers and Chevrons on every corner, right?  First things first.  Gas.

Dead gas station
Something’s missing.

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Fancy Parking

This is one of my favorite cars, the Lincoln Continental Mark VI.
Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Yes, I was a Ford fan boy, predisposed to trying to love everything they made. But there was more than that here.

  • I loved the whizbang technology of the “electronic” dash.
  • At the time, I thought the proportions were better than the “look how long my dick hood is” proportions of the Mark V.
  • 20 mpg on the highway?  In a Lincoln? AYFKM?
  • Yes, the styling was derivative.  The deuce was still running the show, so of course it was.

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Pitcher Street Blues

This is Pitcher Street in Kalamazoo. Once a bustling industrial section, it is slowly giving way to taggers and decay. The closing of Checker left a rotting carcass behind. The east side of the street is a wasteland; the west slowly withers, given over to the relentless taggers, artists and imbecilic juggalos. It’s just a question of who is stronger. the businesses hanging on, or entropy, atrophy and anarchy.
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