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We’re not just here. Come see our other sites. – The Mothership

Asphalt Valhalla is the principal site. Here you will find the stories, the galleries and the car events. We even welcome the trailer queens and the investment cars. This is where the grail cars and unicorns get the star treatment, but there is also room for worthy survivors and rarities. This is our sister site on Squarespace. In total we have four. We are constantly exploring the flexibility of the platform in real time. We do miss the evolving slate of widgets and plugins from WordPress. but look at it as a challenge. See us on the social media –  t: @AsphaltValhalla Tumblr: AsphaltValhalla  IG: @AsphaltValhalla FB: AsphaltValhalla

Car Geek Central – The Catch All

We love cars. Not just the unicorns that everyone drools over – the survivors, the junkers, the cars you only like because you had one just like it in high school. The ones that earn your respect, capture your imagination, or trigger your nostalgia. It doesn’t matter if anyone else gets it. Mostly free of trailer queens (unless they’re works in progress and just out for a breather).

This is a blogger site. I hope Google learned from it, because it’s unwieldly and not image or variation friendly.

Kiss My Asphalt – The Old Boss

Before AV, there was KMA. This was our effort to translate the love of cars and road trips into the confines of a Word Press site. We liked the flexibility of ever changing, ever improving templates, but not the cost of enabling features the Squarespace gives us standard. – Read my blog

Everybody needs a blog (or 10), don’t they? This is the original site on Squarespace. When my cushy salaried job ended in 2015, I figured it was time to fresh-start online as well. This site and its obligatory blog is more about me than the cars, but they drive by sometimes. What usually drops are observations on life, the Universe and everything. You can also find me on Tumblr, Twitter and IG.