Diamond in the Rough

In trolling the junkyards and barren wastelands south of the river, we stumbled upon a glorious 1968 Ford LTD (our best guess at year and model).  We would have loved to take a longer, closer look, but time and geography suggested we grab a shot and just keep moving.

1968 Ford LTD

Does it come in red?

This is basically the Grandpa truck. This looks like a 4-speed and probably a V8. Grandpa’s had a 300 I-6 and a 3 on the tree.  And a small cap that would never come off – built in shelves and such.

1968 Ford F100

Never drove it. I think I’m glad, especially the manual steering column stick shift combo.   Way to toally neglect the date night potential of that bench seat and long bed.
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