1982 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Oscar India: London Gentleman

1982 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Oscar India
Wow. Never ceases to amaze me. What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman, or wait. No, no, no. Hold on. Blackbeard’s Delight.

The bumpers are horrible, but not as bad as the tumors you would find on an 80s Countach. The air damn seems to be just that – you can see the front tires through the slats. The blocked off grille? I think I’d rather have the misaligned mesh. Still, the only thing I don’t like is the name.  “Oscar India” makes me think this is a salute to the former reaches of the Empire. Nope.


Oscar India” was just the internal code for the car, to throw people off the scent.  Or maybe it did stand for the line’s October introduction. Or it was just a coincidence drawn from the last two registration letters of a Cessna 152.

Regardless, it is one of those names that would work for Nic Cage if he weren’t so into Ferraris.

Champagne would fall from the heavens. Doors would open. Velvet ropes would part. – Memphis Raines

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It figures

I go off bloviating about how rare a 1982-83 Celica is around here, and then what do i see…

1982 Toyota Celica GT-s
Looks promising

Payday! Ding, ding, ding

1982 Toyota Celica GT-s
Why yes, they’re real

It’s not the worst Fox-body ever

Because that is an overcrowded field already.  What the 1982 Lincoln Continental has going for it is that it is not instantly recognizable as a Fairmont derivative.

1982 Lincoln Continental
Yes, it does sort of have Cougar face, but not in the “slap a new front cap on an LTD II and call it a Cougar” badge engineering we saw earlier.  Or on the predecessor Versailles sired by a Monarch.
Other pluses:
  • a much better take on the Daimler/Jag bustleback than the Seville.
  • At no time could you get one with that 2.3 OHC four cylinder that found its way into nearly every other Fox variant.
  • It went it’s own way, instead of “Versailles II.”  It’s like the difference between the box birds of 80-82 and the 83-86 “aero” birds.

1982 Lincoln Continental