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1982 Ford Granada

It is alive.  The 1982 Ford Granada.  Of the two we got in the states, this is the less worse one.

Naturally, I saw it pass in cross-traffic as I was arming my camera.  D-ooh! Too slow.

(Also missed in that split second?  A Buick Century – not the kind for roadtrips to MSU)

Another Day

Another AARPster at the title loan store, hocking the car to buy an ‘N’ so the song makes sense.

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI
Spain and Italy, Transylvania, Norway, Sweden and Rumania do The Continental.

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI
The Contine tal – It’s like a fever. It’s like a plague. It’s swept all Europe From Moscow to The Hague.

Barrett Jackson 2011: Bill Blass does Hoosiers

1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass
1982 Lincoln Continental Mark VI Bill Blass
It’s no 1979 model, but i still want to have its babies

Bill Blass Designer model has less than 42,000 original miles. A pampered, two owner Southern California car since new. This rare stunning white and red Bill Blass Designer model was special ordered with a unique combination of factory options, including a simulated convertible roof treatment, i.e. a sculptured shell upholstered in vinyl convertible top material which was then fitted onto the metal roof. The set of rare factory wire wheels have Lincoln Logo Spinner center caps with white wall radials. The white with red leather trim interior shows in excellent condition and features a 50/50 split bench seat with dual power seats. The seats are soft and comfortable. The car runs and drives flawlessly. The 302 cid V-8 responds effortlessly.

Barrett-Jackson Auction Company – 1982 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MARK VI.

Tony Zdeb Wants to Sell You This Car

1982 Ford Escort
“Better than the ’81” is not saying much

Hey everybody, it’s the new Jan Brady! 5-door Ford Escort.  It’s the first new car I ever test drove*, all $5,500 and no AC and no power anything of it.  It’s like Don Seelye Ford supplied the stripped cars on The Price Is Right!  It took me 5 lights worth of stalling at Winchell and Stadium before I gave up on the whole clutch/gas/1st gear business.  But for that bit of karmic humility, I might have been Earnhardt-ed into buying it, which would have kept me from quitting my shitty job @ Burger King.  The horror…
*on a public street.  Certain other conditions apply.