It Gets Better

Saleen was founded by racer Steve Saleen in 1983, with the first model being a 1984 Saleen Mustang. The first Saleens were mainly focused on handling performance and used stock Ford engines. (Wiki)

In other words, race Camaros on the twisties.  I always liked the underpinning upgrades of Saleens, but I have yet to see one that looks better than stock.  Maybe they should have teamed up with Roush.

1988 Saleen Ford Mustang
So probably a 5.0 under here

1988 Saleen Ford Mustang
oooo, a big old whale tale

1988 Saleen Ford Mustang
Not a fan of tape stripes or BBS-like wheels.

1988 Mercury Tracer

parked, but not unoccupied
can’t see the burn marks from here

Where I saw one: Getting on the 51 today.
Nostalgia Value: 5/10
Baseline: 0 – I never owned one.

+1 for being a Ford-badged Mazda. Way better than being a Ford-badged Kia. +1 because I almost bought one, after my Festiva suffered it’s critical ass implosion, +1 for orange dash lights, +1 for not burning to the ground the night I set one on fire, +1 because Dribble crashed hers under a semi, mooting the fact that I torched a brand new car while hammered on gasoline/everclear cocktails.

I nearly bought one, then the future Mrs. talked me into a Suzuki Swift instead.  What the FUCK was i thinking.  (Besides “indulge the GF and get laid”)?