Charmed Life

Maserati Bora

This is the Maserati Bora. We saw our first one in the flesh at the Bonhams auction in January, thirty-five years after first hearing of it.This is our second.

We found it lurking on the outskirts of Cars and Coffee.  The next day, it was a participant in the Copperstate 1000.

It’s not a grail car, just one of those 1970s Road & Track hope we see one in person someday cars.  And it’s better than a Merak, which is nice.
Maserati Bora

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No, Mr. Bond

I expect you to drive. I lead a charmed life – survivor car capital of the world, auto festivals every week – girlfriend actually encourages me to go (as opposed to the ex, who would punish me for hobbies that weren’t shared), actually met the world’s greatest spy photographer.  So, let’s play name that Aston:

Aston Martin DB5
Bumpers are for sissies
Aston Martin DB Mark III
A little before even Connery

Aston Martin DB4
A DB, but not quite a 5