Spied on the Street: Fight the Power

1986 Mercury Cougar
1986 Mercury Cougar

Not to be a jerk, but weren’t the 1960s over by 1986? Were the Black Panthers still a thing? Have they re-become a thing in the intervening 26 (yikes) years and we just missed the memo?  I only ask because just look at this thing.  It started out looking like this:

1985 Mercury Cougar
(an 83, dark blue with red velour inside and TRX wheels and tires would be better.) Source:  Cool Cats

Then, the spray cans attacked…
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At the Sign of the Cat

which is ironic, because there were only rats and junkyard dogs in sight.  Nonetheless, let’s race!

1967 Mercury Cougar junk
the hood scoop multiplies the power by 100. 0 x 100 = ___?
1967 Mercury Cougar junk
In this class, having wheels mean you probably win.