1986 Ford Mustang GT: Don’t you mess around with me

1986 Ford Mustang GT
1986 Ford Mustang GT
You’re the right kind of sinner.

I love this car. Even more than O.G. Fred’s ’87. Why? Because it’s all business:

  • The fake scoop is for air cleaner clearance. It gets enough air through the gaping, no-style nose hole.
  • The fake vents are stupid.  But, they were stupid in 1979. Why spend money to fix something that ain’t broke? Spend it on better shocks, better brakes – all the upgrades over the ’83-84s
  • The Fairmont dash is too ugly to be anything except a functional piece.
  • Speaking of fake – no fake brake cooling. The ’87s looked cool, like it took most of the SVO’s best features and ran with it, but there was a lot of style that lacked substance, like the rear skirt that was more of an air brake than  ground effects.

So no offense, but this is better.
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Headed to the Rodeo

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by strolling down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. As it happened, Sunday was the Rodeo Drive Concours.

OK, full disclosure – this was not a chance meeting. We took a 4 day holiday from the blast furnace that is summer in Phoenix to hang out in milder climes with the beautiful people.  And we were hoping against hope that the LaFerrari would make an appearance.

No such luck.  We did see Bugatti no. 5.  We also saw our first non-auction 288GTO. As shows go, it was a filtered, condensed version of the monthly Cars and Coffee Hookers and Squirrels “Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering.”  (Not the Penske sponsored crapfestthe real one.) Smaller than the Windgate festival of speed.  Like both, it was strafed by similarly cool machines that didn’t want to linger.

Bugatti Bijan Veyron
Bugatti Bijan Veyron

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Unrelated to this week’s events

These cars remain crazy fast, yet innocuous. They look like a Cayman with some HGH. They sound like a Prius. they are as forgiving as a 1976 Turbo when you erroneously lift throttle in a curve like you might in a normal car (HINT: everything you know about controlling a car does not apply.)

Anyhoo, one rolled up to C&C.  Usually, they’re rare birds. Not so this week of all weeks.

And yeah, EVERYBODY looked at it and said, “that’s the kind of car that one guy died in.” EVERY BODY.

Porsche Carrera GT

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