Maybach 57

maybach 57

R.I.P., Maybach – best Hyundai Sonatas ever.
2005 Maybach 57
Yes, it has a glorious V12, like no Hyundai ever.  But still, look at this train wreck.  It’s like Hyundai created their own luxury division with the same model as Lexus and Infiniti – shamelessly copy a real brand.  Except Hyundai followed the Kia model and created a caricature of an S-class instead of an homage.

2005 Maybach 57
Yes, it looks comfortable.
2005 Maybach 57
Furry pillows=win.
2005 Maybach 57
You could fit a Mont Blanc in that gap.
2005 Maybach 57
The trunklid is an overlay? WTF?
2005 Maybach 57
A fabulous price, if reduced by an order of magnitude.

Admiral, there be whales here!

Or what million dollar stakes earns you in Vegas (besides hookers and blow):  land yachts to take you wherever you want to go.  And, of course, RIGHT BACK TO YOUR FAVORITE CASINO RIGHT HERE, SIR!!!

MGM:  Maybach 6.2
The world’s best Hyundai

I have curtains, you common wench
Common rich dudes will kindly keep their distance

Meanwhile, farther down (up?) the Strip [Ed.: TWSS!]…

If we follow this hot babe, will she show us her blowhole?
Wynn 5? what are #s 1-4?