It Never Rains in Southern California

Family Cafe

Will you tell the folks back home I nearly made it?
Had offers but don’t know which one to take
Please, don’t tell ’em how you found me
Don’t tell ’em how you found me
Gimme a break, gimme a break

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On the way back from L.A. We needed a pit stop.  We pulled off at the Eagle Mountain exit.  This is California: there are in n Out burgers and Chevrons on every corner, right?  First things first.  Gas.

Dead gas station
Something’s missing.

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L.A. Story

ferrari F430
Concorso Ferrari 2014

We spent most of the weekend in California, ostensibly to cover the Ferraris on Colorado gathering. Here is one sample; more galleries to follow.

  • Yes, lots of Ferraris.
  • No, not lots of grail cars.  No 288GTO/F40/F50, so we will content ourselves with past auction and SEMA sightings of those. For now.
  • Some race cars.
  • No FXXs.

We really loved the streetscape staging.  Our principal bitch about Cars and Coffee Hookers and Squirrels the Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering (other than the new name) is that it is held at a strip mall.  Yes, it’s a foofy strip mall where you can complement your million dollar Enzo by ringing up a couple of 6 figure Rolexes, but still, it’s just a palm-treed generic and HOA-conforming strip mall.

What a backdrop. [/s]

We hoped to see one of the above cars at least.  We hoped against hope for a LaFerrari sighting.  Nope and nope, but as the pictures to come should show, it was still worth it.

Franken Fox

Mercury Capri
Scoop is a fail
Mercury Capri

Wow – a Capri. The scoop is stupid, especially since it’s as non-functional as the hood vents.  I like the idea of the replacement hatch, but jeez, the fit is 20 degrees of fail.