audi bentley

Did we learn nothing from the K-car proliferation? Or the Fairmont? You cannot simly graft a fascia and turn a Futura into a Daytona. Or, in this case, turn a pedestrian Audi into a Bentley. Or worse, maybe this is a Toyota Venza, in which case, wth? becomes AYFKM?

Venza Bentley

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It figures

I go off bloviating about how rare a 1982-83 Celica is around here, and then what do i see…

1982 Toyota Celica GT-s
Looks promising

Payday! Ding, ding, ding

1982 Toyota Celica GT-s
Why yes, they’re real


It’s rare enough to see surviving 1982+ Celicas. It’s rarer still to see the first take on the surface excitement generation of creased and folded and gratuitously lumpy and trenched ones with the Porsche 928-esque forward flipping lights, rather than the 1984-85 flip up lights.

Toyota Celica
As opposed to these

Even more rare than the modernized, artsy, “We’re only ripping off the 928 instead of Vettes, the brand new Firebird, old Toronados, a bunch of Lotuses…” headlight versions is the coupe.
In Phoenix, you can see the 84-85 hatchbacks all the time.  Never a 1982-83 anything.  Never a  1982-85 coupe.  Two birds, one stone.