Camaro Z/28: It Overheats at 80

at least according to Car and Driver magazine back in the day. (We’re searching for the reference-  it was NOT the April ’80 issue.) It wasn’t bad enough that the cars were sapped of all power due to hamhanded efforts* to meet EPA numbers.

*who doesn’t remember fondly the belt drive air pumps? How to decrease particulates per volume of air? Make less soot or better yet, add more air! PHYSICS!

The flipside of the equation is how to get the most go per pound and per dollar. Why use a THM400 – a bulletproof transmission if there ever was one – when a THM 200 will fit. Three speeds is three speeds, right? In the later second generation Camaros, the idea seemed to be “if the speed limit is 55 mph, why give it cooling for 120?”

Just add tape and some fake scoops!  – Roger in marketing.

Camaro Z/28
Looks fast/goes fast. What’s the difference? – Eric Stratton

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1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Camaro Z28

Car and Driver said of the 1982 Camaro: “928 aspirations; 924 execution.” That sounds about right, except that a 924 would be preferable.

Ooooh that (924) shifter!

This is a 1983.  We know, because of the “H.O.” badge.  This meant an extra 25-45 hp. to 190 from the small block 305 cid V8.  By way of comparison, out corporate shuttle has 285 hp from a 201 cubic inch V6.  God awful earth tone repaint aside, we do kind of like this car.  We rented a couple of 84-85 Camaros.  As cramped and underpowered plastic cars go, it was one of them.

Unlike the Mustangs of the day, the Camaros at least packed in humor.  “H.O.” is pretty obvious.  Pointless or nonfunctioning vents are always good for yuks. But look inside. Continue reading “1983 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28”